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Our Mission
Forum for Contemporary Response (FCR) aims the following in the social sectors concerned in child and disabled personalities.
  1. Managing Educational Environment : To manage the educational environment to those orphans and disable people will be primary mission of FCR. FCR tries to provide necessary stationary materials and scholarships to those children who have not access on education.
  2. Providing Help to Different Re-Habitation Centers: FCR being a mediator between different organizations and Re-habitation centers as well as orphans, homeless children and disabled tries to manage shelters, fond and necessities.
  3. Enriching the qualities and skills FCR tries to search the inherent qualities and skills of orphans, street child and disabled personality. It will help to bring out such qualities as a result they could be in depend in their future days.  FCR promotes the skill of arts and aesthetic for capable targeted children and people. It provides necessary development skill.
  4. Promoting Healthy Lives: FCR promotes the healthy lives to the orphans, street children and disabled by health checkup.
  5. Child Advocacy: To bring positive changes in policies and to the lives of children at rick by organizing national campaigns on children's rights, building public awareness of issues, and engaging in grassroots and community activism in Nepal and around the world.

Thus our mission is to carry out activities and programs to help orphans, street children, disabled personalities as well as re-habitations centers where such children and people are given shelter. Furthermore, FCR through the mobile training aims to make them capable in different skills and enrich the potentials inherent them, as a result it can lead them to employment. So that they can achieve dignity in communities.