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Our Activities
Forum for Contemporary Response (FCR) believe that every one has right for education shelter good health and proper case. Everyone should get a chance to enrich their potentials for the better and prosperous life which give them dignity in communities. But these basic needs are not in the access of street children, orphans and physically disabled personalities. As a result for the help of those needy person FCR has been doing and has planned different activities.
  1. Shelter for the needy children and disabled: In present FCR works Co-operatively with Re-habitation centers as a task of managing shelter. For this purpose, FCR provides necessary materials and fonds to the centers as much as possible. Furthermore its works as a mediators among street disabilities, re-habitation centers and related organization as well as government.
  2. It held's and organizes different skill development training to street children, orphans and disable personalities. The training will make them independent and capable in future and lead them to a dignified life in communities.
  3. FCR searches inherent qualities and skill in orphans, street children and disabled. Furthermore it help to bring out  such skill in communities and  societies.
  4. FCR provide basic health services to the targeted like regular health checkup and providing basic medicine