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Management Fund
Unlike other social Organization FCR is not completely depended upon the donators and foreign organizations rather its believes on works. The organizations sources of the fund for FCR is the different programs. As a medium of income FCR does the following activities.
  1. Programs related with entertainment: FCR organizes different entertainmental programs like Musical concerts, Lok Dohari, Classical Songs, Dances, Theaters and Cultural programs. Through those programs it collects the fond and fond is used to meet the goal of the organization in it's sector of social concern like street children, orphans and disable personalites.
  2. As a coordinators FCR could manage different activities and programs in national and international level as a strong medium of it's fund collection.
  3. FCR could work Co-operatively with other organization, government and institution in the sector of children and disable personalities. Furthermore it could take help from other institution, government and organization, to enrich of life of orphans, homeless children and disable People.